Price list




From 13/06 to 19/06 € 39,00 per day € 37,00 per day € 33,00 per day € 47,00 per day
From 20/06 to 26/06 € 41,00 per day € 39,00 per day € 35,00 per day € 49,00 per day
From 27/06 to 31/07 € 46,00 per day € 44,00 per day € 38,00 per day € 54,00 per day
From 01/08 to 07/08 € 55,00 per day € 53,00 per day € 45,00 per day € 63,00 per day
From 08/08 to 16/08 € 60,00 per day € 58,00 per day € 48,00 per day € 75,00 per day
From 17/08 to 22/08 € 55,00 per day € 53,00 per day € 45,00 per day € 63,00 per day
From 23/08 to 29/08    € 45,00 per day € 43,00 per day € 38,00 per day € 53,00 per day
From 30/08 to 13/09    € 39,00 per day € 37,00 per day € 32,00 per day € 47,00 per day


  • Car parking beneath the hotel with personal key: 5 € per day;
  • parking places in the garage at the Hotel Meridien closed 100 m euro: 5 € per day;
  • secure parking 24 hours approximately 600 meters to feet (cycling through green park) 3 € per day;
  • car parking is on request and subject to availability.

The city tax is 1 euro per person per day with the following exclusions:

  • children until the child reaches 14 years of age;
  • Minor children, from the second onwards, if staying with their parents, limited to the months of June, July and August. For the purposes of counting the number of children also includes minor children who have not yet turned fourteen and already enjoy exemption.

* The prices include:

  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Trash unlimited lunch (consisting of sandwiches that you can make yourself from the breakfast buffet)
  • Dinner with custom variation (dessert every night)
  • Water and wine included at the dinner (Unlimited)
  • Conditioned air
  • Minibar in the room
  • In-room safe
  • TV in camera
  • Hairdryer on request
  • Available Wi-Fi
  • Direct Telephone Room
  • ATM Service
  • 1 Umbrella and 2 comfortable sun beds per room
  • The large cabin
  • Entertainment for children in mini beach club
  • Free entry every day at the park Beach Village

Prices are per person per day, for a minimum of 7 days.
Related discounts for 3rd and 4th bed for children, They are contracted directly by e-mail or telephone.

Deposit: reservations are accepted with a deposit of 30%

In the event of cancellation, the deposit is lost entirely. For early departures will be paid for the days events and lost the deposit; the deposit turns into payment at the end of the stay contracted.

The rooms and parking in the day of arrival are available at approximately 13, and in the days of departure should be vacated by 9,30.


Hotel Annarita makes linen change 1 Once a week (and every guest change) and towel 2 times a week as per law for 2 stars in the province of Rimini.
At the request fee you may have additional changes.

**CAMERA COMFORT: Room with shower
***CAMERA YOUNG: Double single occupancy

Hotel Annarita offers half board at affordable prices. We offer a sweet and savory breakfast, served buffet, where you have the possibility to prepare sandwiches for your lunch on the beach or amusement parks. Dinner is served at the table and the menus are traditional local cuisine with choice of meat or fish. We wait!

For any other information please send an email to: hotel@ or call the following number: +39 0541 39.10.44

The Hotel is seasonal Annarita, but it is also open in winter at events and festivities.

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